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  1. I love your photo. Have a good day.

  2. Firing Pictures

    You probably want to try toner decals - you print on decal paper using a laser printer or copier and slide them onto an already glazed and fired pot. Then you fire it again to make the toner (iron oxide) melt into the glaze and become permanent. There is a section on my blog that covers this: http://blog.mudstuffing.com/ DecalPaper.com - source for decal paper (they say not to fire with it, but it’s a ok in my book) I use a HP 1020 Black and White Laser Printer… (the older the HP laser printer the better, some laser printers don't work, so test different brands) Decals over Cone 10 glazes - fire to cone 04-6 Decals over Cone 6 glazes - fire to cone 04-1 Decals over Cone 05 glazes - fire to cone 012 (haven’t actually done it yet though…) Other resources: Commercial Ceramic Decals Linda Arbuckle’s Laser Print Decals Handout (PDF)
  3. Hey Joel! Doing the same... a sort of click and run and see what takes off.

  4. Castable Kiln

    Oh... and to specifically answer your question, I got burners from Ward Burner Systems (http://www.wardburner.com/). Give Mark a call up and he can help you figure out the size burners you will need. Have the dimensions of the kiln ready when you call. Keith
  5. Food Safety

    We recently had this discussion within the EtsyMudTeam. Here is some more info/testing sources (originally posted by Jen Wolfe): Alfred Analytical Laboratory http://www.frogpondpottery.com/glazetest.html Phone: 607-478-8074 Location: Alfred Station, NY, USA Will do leach testing for extractable metals in fired glazes. Contact Dr. Roland Hale, Director, Alfred Analytical Laboratory, 4964 Kenyon Road, Alfred Station, NY 14803 Informative links ... Massive list of testing labs. Some non-USA labs are listed. http://digitalfire.com/services/database.php?list=labs Calm and clear article on glaze testing from Big Ceramic Store. It will help you understand what to test for. http://www.bigceramicstore.com/information/Tip53.htm
  6. Castable Kiln

    Hi Mudding, I built a castable kiln (using homemade castable, not industrial castable) a few years ago. It worked great, however I can't say it saved any money in the end. I would say going with brick is a lot better solution. I detailed everything on my blog for you to read, see etc. from the building to when I tore it down (to build a wood kiln from brick). http://blog.mudstuffing.com/?page_id=623 The page above has other resources, but if you scroll down, you can see all the posts related to building "Jack Doherty’s Soda Kiln from Tudball’s book “Soda Glazingâ€" Good luck! Keith
  7. Hey Keith, just poke'n around figuring out where all the buttons are.