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  1. Just started this profile

  2. My kiln openings are a fun way to include the neighborhood and friends into the whole ceramics scene and make a partay of it. My band plays, my grand daughter is the Vana White and somehow everyone seems to take something home. My students get to see their work and decide if they want to sell it. No credit cards yet though... Oh and the food.. My wife is a chef nuff said. Oh and home made beer and mead. Can't go wrong. Even the cops stop by to tell us to turn it down...
  3. Love your pots, one of these days I will do that too.

  4. I love your photo. Have a good day.

  5. I read about a conversation between teachers. One asked," how do your students win so many awards?" The other said,"being intimately involved enough to stop a student before they smush what they percieve as a failure." I have saved many a students work from the recycle bin. Some of my favorite "altered" pots were dropped, swatted, backed into. We are our worse critique much of the time. being able to truely evaluate a suck factor may be a good learning tool after you loosen up on yourself. Weird my suckyest pots are the ones that disappear first. (I should charge more.)
  6. Ruth, I saw a posting long ago about someone sharing their experiences with that kiln. Look in the archives.
  7. Hi gwe2n. I too am a cheap engineer that buys used equipment, make my own tools. With baby boomers retiring out there, there is a ton of very good equipement available. Where are you from and what is your background.

  8. Yes I have that issue and will refer to it in detail when I get into the build. They had 2 old round kilns on their side. It should be fun!
  9. I've seen in several magazines where people have successfully fired a small home built wood fired kilns out of used old kilns. I have an old thin Skutt that no longer works that I thought I would insulate with 1" fiber on the inside and after a single fire, coat with ITC and see what happens. I figured a used large wood stove would suffice for a fire box. I'm just trying to decide if I should set the round kiln up as a down draft, cross draft or updraft kiln. (my neighbors are going to hate me!) The fire marshall lives next door and is encouraging me to give it a try. Anyone try this out yet?
  10. have fun and experiment. Find a mentor that you can ask questions to.
  11. I found a used floor standing brent for cheap and this one will out last me. I modified the floor stand for shelves. Craig's list! Save Money! There are many baby Boomers retiring from pottery that are willing to get rid of slab rollers, wheels, dry chemicals, extruders. All good stuff. I do love my neighbor's Bailey as well though.
  12. I mentor in the Big Brothers program where they used my interests and personality to pair me with a boy in need of a mentor. The time spent with one another is the true mentoring. The between the lines stuff is what molds the kids the most. Been doing it 24 years. In ceramics I think i would be a good mentor in "how to do it," but lousy at "making a living from this." I bet there are many like me out in the world. I can't picture a great way to get the mentoring thing to work. I wish you luck though.
  13. I created a coop in my community where we inspire one another. I also made 2 moist boxes (big plastic packing boxes with 2-3 inches of plaster on the bottom. I have pots in there a full year ready for my inspiring moment. I also set a goal to ignore the computer for the month of....August.
  14. I started pottery in 1979 with a community college course. Fun but unstructured. Was in another town and tried again. This time it was a very enthusiastic teacher and structured course. I felt I had that talent and just needed to work it. Finally after graduation I ended up in Bakersfield, Ca and had another chance to do pottery. Very large classes, but diverse cross section of talented p...

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