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    teaching, altered wheel pots, big pots
  1. Just started this profile

  2. Love your pots, one of these days I will do that too.

  3. I love your photo. Have a good day.

  4. Hi gwe2n. I too am a cheap engineer that buys used equipment, make my own tools. With baby boomers retiring out there, there is a ton of very good equipement available. Where are you from and what is your background.

  5. I started pottery in 1979 with a community college course. Fun but unstructured. Was in another town and tried again. This time it was a very enthusiastic teacher and structured course. I felt I had that talent and just needed to work it. Finally after graduation I ended up in Bakersfield, Ca and had another chance to do pottery. Very large classes, but diverse cross section of talented p...

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