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  1. Oh my gosh teardrop....such sadness. {{hugs}} Great that you are using art as a way to express yourself. Very sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine. I was in my 30's and had been through an abusive relationship with a police officer and felt my life was lost. I was not who I grew up to be. After about 14 years of that I finally said enough! I struggled with self worth and fear but got through the system and he was arrested/jailed/paid restitution. At the same time I lost my long time job because the Insurance company I worked for was downsizing offices and was moving East. Texas paid for therapy and I decided I'd go to school. I took the usual classes towards a nursing degree including some art classes which I loved. I then moved to the Oregon coast where it rained A LOT. I needed something to do that was not in the rain so I took a pottery class at the community college. The first class I managed to throw a bowl, I wanted more.....learned to fire the kiln.....more....learned to fire the raku kiln. I bought a used kiln then built a small shed studio to get the kiln out of my dining room....bought a wheel....and the story continues. I moved inland away from the rain and built a studio addition on my home and never looked back. The excitement of clay is alive and well forevermore.
  2. Love your pots, one of these days I will do that too.

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