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  1. Thanks for sharing that! I'm sure your team learned a lot!
  2. Joanie!, Congratulations on taking the plunge. I purchased a prebuilt wooden building some years ago with the intent of moving my pottery making there. I took the valuable information provided by members of this forum when I finally was ready to do the wiring! Lots of receptacles, more than you think you will ever need and as large a breaker box as you can get! I did build a metal shed off one side for my kiln. Heavy plastic under gravel with concrete pavers to set the kiln on. I sacrificed wall space for a door from the studio to the shed. Mine is a dry studio with the bucket system. Good luck!
  3. I have followed discussions of studios for a while. Mine is nearly complete (if that is ever possible!). Considering using 3/8 inch plywood for the wall covering due to cost savings over drywall. I love to hang things and don't want my space to be so precious that I would be afraid to hammer a nail. They would be painted a light color. Any reason to not consider plywood? Got to save a few dollars to afford the pugger! Thanks in advance! Penny
  4. Dick, you explained exactly what I observed in the video! The thing is just a tool, not an attack on skill or philosophy!
  5. Don't own a laser pointer, not gonna buy one. I use my eyes, fingers as well. Just asking a question and believed this was the forum to do so! Calm down you wonderful people! We discuss dumpster diving and uses of odd bits of housewares to aid in the making of pots. Why couldn't a newer technology be useful to some? I am "older" but try to keep an open mind, keeps life interesting!
  6. I was watching a video of an Asian potter trimming a bowl bottom. He used a red laser light to determine center when securing the bowl to the wheel. This was a video without anyone talking or any captions. Has anyone done this or know about this method? Interesting! Of course i don't remember the name of the You Tube video ☹ï¸.
  7. Thanks all! Chris, I think you are right. I live near Arrowmont School. When I go to their art supplies store I am in heaven on entry and much poorer when I leave! I'll take that kind of crazy any day. I promise to only store 3 of my cones in the kiln at one time
  8. I have a few boxes of cones that are over 5 years old, do these "expire"? They have been stored in an unheated building.
  9. I am honored to have access to all this wisdom!! My electrician listened and I have used your suggestions in my discussion with him. He "gets it" and as it turns out is a latent artist himself. I may have found a new friend as well. He even suggested additional lights over my requirements. I will keep you posted on the results, he will complete the work this week. Penny
  10. Thanks to all of you for finding my question and your suggestions! And bear with me, I will learn the proper posting rules, promise. Have a great weekend. Penny
  11. Hello, New to the forum and have searched for answers already given. Next week I will be having my studio wired for electric. It is a separate building 50 feet from my home. The plan is to install plenty of receptacles above counter height, wiring overhead for lighting, and one high up on an end wall for a ventilation/exhaust fan. I would love ideas from others as to what is really important, especially in hindsight! My kiln room is an attached shed and I am ready to tackle the conversation with the electrician regarding why I want to "over do" the wiring. I also have the kiln manual with wiring recommendations to prove my points. Never know if some day I might get a larger electric kiln, want to be ready. Your kind advice would be greatly appreciated! Penny Reagan Pottery
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