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    I love playing in the mud and though it is a hobby I am a serious about it. I have a 5 yr old grandson who also loves it. It may be because he gets all muddy but I prefer to think it's because we do it together!
  1. I have always used an electric kiln, I'm a serious hobbiest. I am looking buy a new kiln and was considering a gas kiln. Any thoughts , advice would be appreciated.
  2. Looking to buy a gas kiln, I've only used electric before any advice ?

    1. docweathers


      Before you buy an olympic gas kiln check the unhappy posts on this forum

  3. I also have a model A. I have had it for almost 40 yrs and through I have other wheels this one is still running very well. I also use it for trimming only but the longevity of it is why I buy Brent wheels.
  4. Laurea

    Firing Plates

    You folks are wonderful. I was introduced to the world of clay many...many years ago and but put it aside when kids, family and job issues took root in my life. With a great support system I resurrected my passion a few years ago and have a wonderful studio in my house. I sort of shyed away from joining The Ceramic Community as I am a hobbyist thou a serious one. This is my first post and I am kicking myself for not joining sooner. Most of the things you all have mentioned I knew at one time but not having interaction with other "mud" minded people I sort of second guess myself and forget the life of the clay. I'll try and post some pics and show you my issue. I do like them actually but sometimes you just need a flat plate! Thanks all!
  5. Laurea

    Firing Plates

    These plates an bowls were slabs I rolled with a slab roller and shaped on a plaster bat and finnished the foot on the wheel.
  6. Laurea

    Firing Plates

    No shelves are fine......
  7. Laurea

    Firing Plates

    Thanks for all the info. I don't have any problems with any other pieces so I was wondering if the kiln was cooling to quickly. These particular plates and bowls were slabs, I used a slab roller so the thickness seems even. They could have dried uneven but I did dry them for several weeks and were not warped in the bisque firing. I don't have this issue with my thrown pieces. Overfiring could be an issue and I will use a witness cones on my next firing.
  8. Laurea

    Firing Plates

    I have been making plates and other serving bowls and they are warping in the glaze kiln. I bisque fire at 06 and glaze at 6. I am using clay and glazes rated for that temp. Why are my pieces doing this? Thx!

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