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  1. Holly Goring

    Ceramics In Tuscany V

    Ceramic tombs in the cemetery sound incredible. I would love to see their dates and how they have held up over the years. Count me in for that excursion. Holly
  2. Holly Goring

    Ceramics In Tuscany V

    This forum is for participants of the 2015 Potters Council Ceramics in Tuscany V. This will be a good place to share travel tips and introduce yourselves. I'll go first. My name is Holly Goring and I'll be representing the Potters Council during our tour in Tuscany. I am currently the Editor of Pottery Making Illustrated and the Associate Editor for Ceramics Monthly. I have been with the American Ceramic Society for 10 years now, starting as an intern while I was in graduate school at The Ohio State University. I am also a studio artist, primarily making sculptural wall pieces. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I looking forward to meeting everyone in Florence!

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