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  1. Ceramic tombs in the cemetery sound incredible. I would love to see their dates and how they have held up over the years. Count me in for that excursion. Holly
  2. This forum is for participants of the 2015 Potters Council Ceramics in Tuscany V. This will be a good place to share travel tips and introduce yourselves. I'll go first. My name is Holly Goring and I'll be representing the Potters Council during our tour in Tuscany. I am currently the Editor of Pottery Making Illustrated and the Associate Editor for Ceramics Monthly. I have been with the American Ceramic Society for 10 years now, starting as an intern while I was in graduate school at The Ohio State University. I am also a studio artist, primarily making sculptural wall pieces. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I looking forward to meeting everyone in Florence!
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