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    Benzine got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in IMG 20160508 085509826   
    Yes mark, I put four drip holes, two in the front, two in the back.
    I ended up not using a drip tray, which works with the potting soil I used, as it is more like mulch, so no dirt run offs.
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    Benzine got a reaction from Babs in First Wheel Set   
    The rims are definitely thinned.  The two bowls, aren't too bad, in terms of thickness, but the mugs...
    Babs, I still do like the glaze.  It's one thing, that I can't do now, since I don't have access to a reduction kiln.  I love the smokey, neutral effects it provides.  
    I should note, I posted these in response to the "Do you still have the first thing you ever made" topic.  So, these are from college, well over fifteen years ago.

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