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  1. Cherry

    Kiln Over firing

    Thanks for the warning, I had forgotten about how brittle the elements get. Yes, it was firing accurately before. My studio was a single room with a screened porch. Then, we had windows installed, and insulated and finished the walls, specifically so the kiln would have a separate room. I did one bisque firing, then the cone 6 that failed. When we opened the controller box, a wire between the top element connector and the thermocouple had come loose. It had touched the kiln jacket and melted a hole it. It is an old kiln, I've had very little trouble with it.
  2. Cherry

    Kiln Over firing

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  3. My Paragon shut off early. Turned out that the top element wasn't working. My DH tested the other two and their resistance was with in the limits so I only replaced the top one. It fired over. The thermocouple was old and had some cracks, so I replaced it. Then I fired it with just shelves, to cone 6. These pictures show cones 5-9. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
  4. Cherry

    Changing the chemical make up

    Thanks, the article is great.
  5. My chemistry background is basic but every time I siphon water from a runny glaze or slip, I wonder- Am I changing the chemical make-up an appreciable amount because of solubles I'm removing ? What solubles are there? Am I overthinking this?
  6. I weave coils of clay into lace and had a lot of cracking and breakage before I started using sand. I use it for both firings. I keep it in a metal can made for sprinkling cinnamon sugar or flour- it is bigger than a salt shaker, with bigger holes. After I fire and take my work off the shelf, but before I take the shelf out of the kiln, I use a mini dust pan to pick up the sand. This sand will go back in the shaker for reuse. The shelf gets a more thorough brushing to make sure there is no sand left to fall onto later work.
  7. Cherry

    What is this?

    Thanks. That had occurred to me but when I tried it, they actually made the stacked posts more wobbly. Guess I'll toss them back in the box!
  8. Cherry

    What is this?

    Can someone tell me what these are? They came with my used kiln, a long time ago.
  9. Cherry

    Potters And Pets

    The AC in our house is being replaced so our 3 dogs have been spending a lot of time in my studio, sprawled on the concrete floor. We also have 3 cats, 1 hedgehog, 8 chickens and 10 guinea fowl, who like to hang out in front of the door and watch me! If I leave the door open, the chickens will try to come in for a visit but I won't let them.
  10. Cherry

    Sheet Pan Racks For Drying?

    I bought the 6 foot one. Eventually cut it down to 4 feet because it blocked my view. Tried the cookie sheets but the lips were awkward, I couldn't slide things onto the sheets but didn't like turning them upside down. I now use plywood. Some are not as deep so I can put tall things in. Also bought the plastic cover. Love it. As long as I remember to zip it!
  11. You should check out the Ganoskin Project at http://www.ganoksin.com/ The forum is at www.ganoksin.com/orchid/
  12. A good, and free, source for horse tail hair is music stores that re-string bows for string instruments.

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