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  1. Electric Kiln Outside Environment?

    Okay, thanks guys, I'll have to talk things over with the person helping me to install the kiln.
  2. Electric Kiln Outside Environment?

    Thanks everyone for your replies! If I was to keep it in the garage then, how far away from the walls would be a good distance?
  3. Hello, I live in Arizona, and it gets really hot here. It also rains a lot in the summer when we have monsoons. So my question would be, how should I cover my kiln from the elements? That is, the 110+ degree heat and the rain and wind from monsoons. I've been trying to think of a way, because I'd need something sturdy and leakproof because it needs to withstand storms, but I also need it to have adequate ventilation and less conduction of heat. I was going to put the kiln on my back cement patio, and the kiln isn't very large. I don't really know how much it takes to protect an electric kiln outside, but I figure I don't want it to get wet, and I believe there's a limit to the amount of heat it can take on the digital controller. I would of course be planning to unplug it and cover it during storms, but the less water the better, and shade would still be important. So how do I make an adequate environment for this kiln to live in? Thanks!