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    Hi Buckeye I dont know what brands of porcelain you get in U.S.A. as I am from Perth Australia - but I have found porcelain to be quite challenging, as not much water may be used, that is no problem for myself, but I have friends who have problems in this area. It seems you have to start small to practice, as you cant fiddle about too much, - straight up to a fine cylinder, then shape out without too much twisting (this can happen easily) it is like anything the more you practice the better you become, the rims of your bowls can be made fairly thick-ish as you can turn them back before you turn the bottoms. You can decorate and carve into the 'finished'bowl with a sharp dentist tool or small dremmel, of course you must wear a mask for this work, rubbing back can be done when leather hard to dry, dont worry too much if the bowls warp out of shape as this is part of porcelain features and if glazed beautifully doesnt really matter, it is a wonderful medium and you will love it once you get started - I love it