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  1. old lennox ad ceramic flask

  2. Making glaze stick

    Thanks, X, you have a point: sometimes the common-sense approach has better results and I could explore other options... I'll think on your advice some more.
  3. Making glaze stick

    I am liking the hammer thing a lot by now. This is a piece of sculpture which is in need of more depth somehow and I think that, if I can make glaze stick to some of the parts will look great, so all your tips are very welcome.
  4. Making glaze stick

    You conjure up a delightful slapstick scene here. As for it not being worth the effort, I see that somehow you have seen my piece ;-P and yes...I would probably agree! I am trying to make experiments, have all the time in the world, nothing better to do, so will have a go, using all the marvellous tips I am getting here. For which many thanks again! Lets hope for no broken legs!
  5. Making glaze stick

    Thanks, for that. You make an excellent point with the temperature...
  6. When re-glazing an already glazed pot for a second firing, what helps the new glaze to stick so you have some control? If I try to re-glaze and the new stuff is fairly thin, I get bits of no cover and bits of streaks... Can you help?