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  1. Thanks, X, you have a point: sometimes the common-sense approach has better results and I could explore other options... I'll think on your advice some more.
  2. I am liking the hammer thing a lot by now. This is a piece of sculpture which is in need of more depth somehow and I think that, if I can make glaze stick to some of the parts will look great, so all your tips are very welcome.
  3. You conjure up a delightful slapstick scene here. As for it not being worth the effort, I see that somehow you have seen my piece ;-P and yes...I would probably agree! I am trying to make experiments, have all the time in the world, nothing better to do, so will have a go, using all the marvellous tips I am getting here. For which many thanks again! Lets hope for no broken legs!
  4. Thanks, for that. You make an excellent point with the temperature...
  5. When re-glazing an already glazed pot for a second firing, what helps the new glaze to stick so you have some control? If I try to re-glaze and the new stuff is fairly thin, I get bits of no cover and bits of streaks... Can you help?
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