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Kim K Red flower prints 004

Kim K Red flower prints 004

the red rib is one kim used and i figured i would get the right kind. anyone interested in this technique should look at her facebook page. last year she showed the things she was getting ready for the sale called "Tour de Clay" that happens every year in early december. i try to arrive in time to go on the tour of studios. always educational and fun. be sure to notice the amazing purple vine.

    Can't wait to see the fired piece. Are you going to clear glaze?

    this will not be fired.  it is pretty poorly done and i did it late at night and left the round piece of clay flat on a printer's blanket.  it could have been carefully spread over a hump mold but i expect it to have warped significantly when i go out there today.


    i want to do a different kind of glaze on the real thing, not just clear.  the glaze i use on my cobalt blue bowls is a transluscent white.  want to try that.  it is not for interiors so i still may use a clear but i do not use red on interiors.