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porcelain, wire, epoxy, foam
cone 9 oxidation

The foundation of the pieces in my Wind series consist of these very small, paper thin pieces of colored clay that are glued on to wire. I call them feathers for lack of a better term but they are often associated with leaves, seeds, and petals.

Wanting to work on a smaller scale, incorporate a back light to increase the translucency, and play with color, and I came up with Blossom. Since the construction of each petal is the same there is still the same movement and sound create with the introduction of air flow (wind) but just on a smaller scale. Altogether there are several hundred petals used to create it.

Currently, I am working on a whole wall of different size, shaped, color mixes, and sized petals, with light still playing a key role. Incorporated in the idea of the variety is, as always, the delicacy of nature.