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lidded cookie jars

lidded cookie jars

i recently made some large jars and was inspired by cookies. i love cookies, and jars.

    critiques welcomePosted Image
    I like the effect that the dents have, it breaks the symmetry of the pot because they are not precisely arranged.
    It would be interesting if you glaze the pots - what the glaze will look like in and around the dents,
    I would guess it would lead to differences in intensities in colour and therefore make it more interesting.
    i have been working so much with clay decoration i got sick of it, and wanted to tone it down a lot. a lot of pots i made recently had no decoration, but then i found myself coming back to it repeatedly. so then i wanted to play around with just using my hands to decorate it, no other tools.

    in a drawing class i took a while ago, i remember being intimidated that i had to render perfectly, thus going towards a realistic approach. how little i know about drawingPosted Image. i eventually let my guard down and started letting my lines to be courageous and unaided by any tool to draw straight. the lines thus became erratic but were doing some interesting things. this has translated to clay decorations, how i don't mind if i make a line and it ends up overlapping or being erratic. i think i am also inspired by crocheting and the spiral hats i used to make when i didn't understand the material and knots well.

    ps-thanks for the critique!