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    KarenO reacted to Bill Kielb in Brent foot pedal bolt issues   
    Nice job removing. I have occasionally had to wedge a flat blade screwdriver between the top of the bolt head and casting to  get it started to remove. One comment, when you reinstall the washers and nylon inserts  with the new bolt they allow for the bolt to be tightened enough to provide some friction to the pedal so it’s does not just fall nor is it too stiff to operate. Adjust to your personal taste. The nylock nut should allow you to set how much friction you prefer in the pedal with only an occasional  slight tightening as the parts and pedal wear.
    nice work!
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    KarenO reacted to Rockhopper in Converting a Kiln from 115v to 110v   
    I strongly recommend that you not use that plug - whether you twist it back, or not.  There's a good chance that, in twisting it to its current shape,  the connection between the blade of the plug, and the wires has been damaged or weakened - which could lead to arcing and overheating.
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    KarenO got a reaction from liambesaw in Converting a Kiln from 115v to 110v   
    I've had two electricians out to assess the circuitry.  Either way I'm looking at $1000 of electrical work to set up for my "real" kiln.  Pricey indeed!
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    KarenO reacted to Denice in Converting a Kiln from 115v to 110v   
    You have had your first lesson in kiln ownership.   I would sell this kiln and go ahead and invest in the kiln you want and get your wiring done for it.  They sell really well on Craigslist in the city I live in.     Denice
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    KarenO reacted to neilestrick in Converting a Kiln from 115v to 110v   
    It won't harm the kiln to fire it to cone 6, it's just that you won't get very good element life from it. Usually we fire to cone 6 in kilns that are rated to cone 10 because the elements can wear more before the kiln can't reach cone 6. If you're firing to the max of the kiln, then you have to change the elements once they wear just a little bit.
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