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    In the first recipe, the zircopax may be the cause of the cutlery marking. Search zircopax on digitalfire.com and you will see more info on this. I would try a line blend of the glaze, reducing the zircopax to see how much is necessary to opacifiy your glaze. Then I would add silica in 5% increments to see how much the glaze could take before adverse effects arise. Also the first recipe that Min posted is a glaze I am testing right now. The matte surface of that glaze has an opacifying effect on its own, requiring less tin or zircopax to achieve the same opacity of your current white.
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    Calcium Carbonate (whiting) increases the hardness of a glaze. you might increase the whiting a bit or adjust it into the RO2 column of fluxes.
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    This website has several iterations of Licorice reformulated  by Ron Roy and John Hesselberth
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