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  1. Hi Min -

    I appreciate your expertise!

    This is awesome, thank you. I will try this version out this week.

    How much do you think this will effect the movement of the glaze? 


    If you don't mind I have another glaze that I have a  similar problem with - its a glossy black that is nice looking but scratches easily.


    silica 27

    EPK 17

    Minspar 21

    F 3134  26

    Talc  3

    Whiting  6

    Bent     2

    RIO   9

    Cobalt Carb 2


    Many thanks!


    Jeremy Ayers


  2. I have this lovely off white glaze c6 that I've been using for awhile but its too soft.

    It will mar slightly with a knife. I'm not very strong in glaze calc - I"ve messed around with some other fluxes but haven't gotten any results for a better melt.

    I fire to c6 via the programmed firing with a half hour controlled cool down to 2130 on my Skutt kiln.

    I would love any advice on getting a better melt with this glaze without effecting the color and finish too much.


    Neph Sy 59

    Dolemite 19.5

    Zircopax 14.7

    OM4 Ball 2.4

    RIO            .9

    G Borate 10

    Bent        2

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