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  1. Well that is wonderful news....let us know when you decided to tune your piano and your tux comes back from the cleaners. It is important to me T
  2. So seriously: I wouldn't do anything else even if i did actually have to starve. My studio is my oasis. It is a large rented space, so no distractions from things happening at home. I can tell you that when I unlock the doors in the morning, its still as exciting and wonderful as the first day. Amusing: As i do get quite a bit of foot traffic the pubilc at large can be very amusing. I am sure that most of you have heard all the weird excuses to not to actually buy something. Too large too small perfect but the wrong colour ect... I personally love my auntie did pottery once... I had a couple come in the other day and the man sort of takes me aside and whispers to me can I ask you a personal question. I'm thinking ok.....and the geezer actually says "Do you make a living at this?" Huh!? You get all flavours Perplexing: How can you not get it. T
  3. Hi I agree with Neil as well to a certain extent, you could build in some more time between segment 5 and 6. But call me crazy I would have just stuck the programm you were planning. Raku clay is very normally very forgiving. Just dont get too excited and open the kiln before it has totally cooled down. T. send pics
  4. Hi there, I would imagine your slow bisque programm you are talking about woild work just fine. I also wouldn't think that the spray in the pieces would harm your kiln. The only thing I would do is fire the objects on a good bed of kiln sand or make some coils just to place underneath so that they have a chance to move. I can see why you are apprehensive about firing though, your work is really beautiful and it would be a shame to lose it in the process. There is always going to be some risk..... I am sure you will get quite a few responses to this question. T
  5. it doesnt sound like anyone is talking about handmade anything--the OP is requesting a source for cheap (read: mass produced) dishes which s/he can then apply text to... This reality aside, it would be nice to see a giant stack of handmade plates at the front of a cafeteria line, but given the associated costs I'm not holding my breath. Now that is a sweet fantasy! Imagine a world where all those people dressed in yoga clothes weren't carrying around those stupid Starbucks paper cups but a beautiful mug! ahhhhhhhhhh T
  6. Hi there, in Germany for example, the term meister / master is used in most craftsman type jobs. A carpenter can work as a carpenter but carpenters master, this is the only person who can legally train carpenters. Equally a potter is only a potter. A master is a keramikermeister. Normally a potter master would be teaching in a university or in industry. In the rest of Europe this system doesn't exist in the same way anyone in UK can call himself whatever he wants and open shop. T
  7. just wanted to say i really enjoyed looking in your gallery and reading your comments. Trina

  8. Hi there, I have also found that if possible when making large tiles it helps to use a tool and thinly cross hatch a grid across the back. I have found that some times you might get a small hairliner crack on the edge but the grid prevents it from traveling through the whole tile. I also agree with firing on grog or coils and not directly on the kiln shelves. T
  9. Thanks. I'm happy to help. Electricity is fairly logical in how it works. I am not a certified electrician, but I've had a lot of experience working with kilns. There are a few very common problems, and every now and then I hit a real stumper that's hard to figure out. It's basically a matter of following the flow of electricity from the breaker box to the element. Any one of the parts that it goes through could stop the flow. You just have to know where to check with a meter. On manual kilns you can do most tests with the power off, but with digital kilns a lot of the testing has to be done with the power flowing, which is dangerous if you're not sure what you're doing. When digital controllers go bad all sorts of goofy things happen and it can get a bit confusing and hard to diagnose. I find it fun to diagnose kiln problems, but as you can see here, for the owner it's difficult to do if they're unfamiliar with the system. I guess you are right and it does make sense when you think about it, but I would have thought nothing about trimming the lenght of an element for example. Still glad you are here to help! T
  10. Wow great answer, electricity is kinda like witchcraft to me.....
  11. Great bowls, but I really love the photo! T
  12. Thanks for sharing, great bowls. Love your fish designs as well. T
  13. I thought the opening page was great, however I did think that the photos in the products page where too dark, and I think that the use of props ie the corney flowers and the alarm clock dont make sense. T
  14. Thanks for posting that....generally an interesting site! T
  15. congrats Chris Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the article. T
  16. Haha well at least you aren't sacrificing virgins.....or are you?! T
  17. Hi, I have fired garnets in white earthware and terracotto at 06. They just turned black and ugly. Testing is the only thing to do. I would imagine that if it was something that actually worked well it would be something that would be more common and we would have seen pots decorated in this way. Sorry to be a downer....if you have better luck please post a photo. T
  18. Hi there, I would dry them totally out and get out your mask and re grind them up with a moter and pestal if you dont have to much to do and then add water. Take care not to inhale any of the dust. It might be better just to get some new ones. T
  19. Ok Ok I did the sponge test as well. Apparently I am a sponge o holic. But I can stop anytime I want. (please notice my empty hollow eyes) hahaah but seriously I did a bowl and used it quite a bit to clean the wheel head and then I have an extra little homemade sponge on a stick to get any excess water out of the bottom BUT and this suprised me the most I am a cronic hand washer with the sponge in the bucket. I keep my hands really good and clean. Never thought about it till now. Guilt still none, nothing.... T
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