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    MadMudder got a reaction from JessicaGrayCeramics in Wanted to share this tile technique...   
    OMG what a great tip!! They are so cute, I can see putting them between bigger tiles, framing, color bands, all sorts of stuff.
    Thank you! This is exciting...
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    MadMudder got a reaction from Judy T in Creativity Is Easier   
    For workshops I use whatever notebook I happen to have on hand. As far as drawing ideas, i can't draw at all.
    An excellent pottery coach in Oregon, Kurtis Piltz tried to make me draw what I wanted to make. I just could not do it. My brain works it out and then it just sort of shows up in the clay.
    I love coloring books though, I get so many ideas from them. Good coloring books with great designs like you find at art stores.
    Take those designs and see what they turn into on a piece.
    Pictures make great references. My kids have taken all our cameras. My husband does television production and yet we don't have a still camera that works well.
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    MadMudder reacted to Stephen Robison in Great Project Gone Bad...   
    Don't wet the paper! Tape it on to itself with a small piece of masking tape. Make sure the paper slides easy off the tube and then your ready to wrap clay, fix seam and get it off the tube before it starts shrinking to much. If you leave it to long it may constrict on the tube. Gently get it off the tube when you can and then let it set up a little if you desire to really hold the integrity of the cylinder, and then add a bottom or top or.... If you want to manipulate it by darting or other altering techniques you may actually do it right away. Have fun
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