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    Leila got a reaction from Callie Beller Diesel in Dry Glazing   
    I will follow your advice.
    Obviously it is better to start th topic again
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    Leila reacted to Min in Flipping heavy slump mold   
    I think I would work out some sort of jig to fit the slump mold in so you can pivot it upside down. Closest I could find of this type idea is this Rotating Slip Casting Table. I'ld make it with a few alterations, forget all the slip casting stuff in the video for starters. Make it so the cradle is just a bit taller than your slump mold. Have the slump mold on a piece of plywood with some holes drilled around the edge then have another piece of ply (same size) across the top of the mold. Put the mold onto the rotating table sandwiched between the two pieces of ply and then secure them together with some webbing (or rope) then rotate the table upside down. Undo the webbing/rope and remove the top piece of ply and the slump mold, leaving the slumped clay bowl upside down on the bottom piece of ply. It could then be flipped right ways up again. 
    Other option would be to get another pair of hands to help flip it over onto a board.
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    Leila reacted to liambesaw in Flipping heavy slump mold   
    I seen a video one time of a man who makes big giant three part vessels, like hundreds of pounds, and he made a contraption to flip them over so he could join pieces.  It functioned like a teeter inversion table, you sandwiched the part, removed a pin from the table and flipped it over and then put the pin back in place before removing the piece.  Was real impressive, but didn't look expensive, just well engineered.  Good luck to ya!
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    Leila reacted to CactusPots in Flipping heavy slump mold   
    I fellow potter I know who does large stuff has an engine stand modified as a pot flipper.  From my experiments, the issue is supporting the clay and having enough tension on it so it doesn't slide when it's in the half way position.  If it's leather hard or better, it's easier.  I need to flip it while it's still as soft as possible, so I can work out joints on the inside.  Much harder.  Big pots are fun to do, but lots of extra trouble.  50 lbs would definitely require some advance logistics.
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    Leila reacted to Pres in Flipping heavy slump mold   
    Two wheels on either end of a wooden frame.
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