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  1. I like to incise drawings on my pots and am still searching for the best tool. I've tried calligraphy tools among many other things (pencils, dental tools, shish kebob bamboo skewers, actual clay tools meant for carving.) Next I'm trying my collection of knitting needles with some duct tape wrapped around them to make it easier to hold. I use big nuts from some sports equipment long gone to make cut off wires from fishing line or the line that was suppose to be used when I made necklaces. Knitting and jewlery making has been cast aside in my addiction to clay.
  2. Thanks John, I appreciate the time you took to analyze and explain. I will keep looking for a more durable glaze for the soda. Karen
  3. I can't do anything about the design of the kiln or loading and firing since I'm a student and work during the time they load and fire the kilns. I assumed they tested their glazes but I won't assume anymore. I am testing the glazes I like and won't use Baileys or School Bus in the soda again. I am curious about the chemistry of what is happening. I'd love to take a glaze chemistry class but that is during the day so I'm attempting to teach myself through books. Here is the Bailey's Red recipe: Custer Feldspar 18,800 Silica 5,200 EPK 5,200 Bone Ash 5,600 Talc 9,200 Lithium 1,000 Red Iron Oxide 3,200 Here's one I am hoping is safe: Ranch Butter Custer Feldspar 36.3 Silica 26.5 Whiting 8 EPK 5 Talc 6 Gerstly 13 Zinc Oxide 5.2 Zircopax 14.9 Rutile 2 Thanks for all your suggestions and help! Karen
  4. Thanks. I thought it might be that for the school bus--it looked odd when it came out but the Bailey's looked fine. I am in a community studio and I have no control over the firing. Recently I had a plate that was obviously underfired and they decided there was a cold spot in the kiln and won't load there anymore. We have a ceramic sale coming up and now I'm concerned about selling pieces that are not food safe. Fortunately I did not like how the school bus looked and stopped using it. Is there anyway to tell if a piece is underfired if it's not obvious? I've been testing the Woo Blue glaze but there is only so much wine I can drink. ;-) Karen
  5. I have two cups that have been fired in a soda kiln at cone 10-11 and used for drinking red wine (Baileys and School Bus.) The glazes have lost their luster and feel dry. The school bus cup might have been in a cooler spot in the kiln since it didn't have the gloss when it came out but the bailey cup looked good. Is there a reason why this is happening? I'm concerned about food safety issues. Karen
  6. Thanks for posting Stephen. I enjoyed reading about it. I'm inspired to make it a goal to attend when it is in Seattle. Karen
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