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    Diane Puckett reacted to Pres in Crazy fun tools for in the studio   
    Okay, so we've heard a great deal about the Griffin Grip and Splash Pans. What tool or thing not used normally for ceramics do you use in the studio to play . . . What if? One of my favorites is a set of embroidery hoops!! After throwing a teapot, vase, mug, or other form with a belly and neck, I will find an embroidery hoop that will fit the neck or over the belly at an angle. Cut the pot on that angle, turn 90 or 180 degrees and rejoin for a crazy crooked form. Anyone ever tried it? What tricks do you use for creative fun?
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Mossyrock in The lid is now closed   
    Jim....here is a picture of three of my handbuilt mugs. I have terra sig on the bare clay.

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    Diane Puckett reacted to Marcia Selsor in Colouring Porcelain   
    Manganese Dioxide is toxic ,penetrates the skin, fumes are bad as is ingestion.
    I wouldn't use it in a clay body. If I use it in a glaze I don't have my hands in it. Dave Shaner thinks it is what effected his health. Hans Coper also. Cheap is not necessarily wise.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to TJR in What aspect of clay work gives you the most pleasure?|May 21, 2013   
    I'm with you. I ruined a couple of good grande pianos with the stuff.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Carolyn Dorr in What will an archeologist say when they dig up your shards? | August 22, 2011   
    Just let you know... you can like a post... look to the bottom right of each post... You can click the green button to say you like.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from OffCenter in Convince me...   
    This is a great thread. The back of my car is now loaded with clay to go to a local school where students can have it for the cost of the energy they will expend in reclaiming it.. My hands are relieved to not have their carpal tunnels and arthritis further aggravated. I no longer feel guilty about a small mountain of unreclaimed clay. I have more room in my studio. Oh, and I saved a lot of money by not buying a pug mill.
    I really don't care if other potters reclaim clay or not. It has pretty much no impact on anyone other than themselves. So, do whatever works for you. As for me, the cost of reclaiming outweighs the benefits.
    Jim, please keep ranting. Life is to short to not do so.
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    Diane Puckett got a reaction from Farzad in lithography decal   
    Maybe this will give you some more info CA Images on Clay
    Doing this is on my bucket list.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Chris Campbell in Oops, too much water in the glaze.   
    Another tip from a lazy potter ... I drape old cotton cloths around the bucket just letting the bottoms touch the surface. Through osmosis your cloths will be wet the next morning speeding up the evaporation process without much effort. I do this with my colored slips since they are easier to blend thin but I like to use them when they are thick.
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    Diane Puckett reacted to Ren in Tall Things   
    Sorry, I should have warned you guys that I ask lots of questions while learning something new. And BTW, I threw today, with all the advice from my other question, and I have to say, starting again with a focus on centering, really seemed to help. The end result was less lumpy at the rim (although still a trace, but as with any new person, I blame that on myself), and more sound, and solid.
    My question this time though, is about height/length. Up to now most of my stuff has been at highest 6-8". I've tried for higher, but it flopped, because the walls got too thin, or it pulled apart, because while pulling it just tore off. I guess my question is..how much clay should I start out with, to make taller pieces? How thick do the walls need to be, to be structurally sound, or does it vary with height (the higher it goes, the thicker the wall needs to be)? Is there a uniform thickness that applies to all pices, big, small, short, or tall? I guess I should get a scale LOL.
    I try to go higher all the time, but after a point, when the clay doesn't seem to want to go any higher, I get fearful of trying to force it to do so, so I just work in my usual height range.
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