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  1. Interestingly the author proposes it as a cone 6 recipe and suggests 3 different 4-hour cooling periods to get different crystal growth. No lithium involved though.
  2. Hi GlazeNerd I'm just looking at this again as I make preparations to experiment. One question, that Michael Bailey recipe for crystal growth... Frit 3110 75% weight Zinc Oxide 25% weight Would the Frit not contain enough Silica for crystal growth, I ask because it is listed as 69.77% SiO2? Sorry, I am now reading your recent post on crystal growth so suspect the answers are all in there!
  3. Thanks so much everyone for all this great advice I will try to post any interesting results in due course
  4. Thanks very much for the replies, I'm slowly getting my head around what might be involved.... With regard to oxides to get different colour crystals I've got cobalt and copper, and also some red iron, but thinking to get a nice bright red or orange crystal can anyone give a hint as to best oxides to start experimenting with, to put me on right track? A purple/mauve would be nice too
  5. Very many thanks, can you possibly tell me, is the "starter" recipe of 50% frit 3110, 25% zinc! and 25% silica likely to be a clear glaze when fired unseeded?
  6. Thanks very much for the reply – that gives a lot of food for thought The greatest problems seems to be.... a) keeping a clear glaze alongside crystal growth – maybe if I had a real hire-fire clear glaze that could cope with the extended cooling period if I was only firing to cone 6 (with lithium carb if required)? glaze running off pot – this could be insurmountable – perhaps I could only use the effect on insides of shallow bowls?
  7. Thanks – 'chemistry' sounds ominous - remember I am only really an illustrator playing with clay.
  8. Been inspired to attempt to combine areas of macro-crystalline glaze effect with my slip-illustrated/sgraffito work. I know this sounds a potential hotch-potch but I have a clear idea in my mind how it will look and I just need to find out how to make it happen.... I'm assuming if I was to lay down a small area or patch of macro-crystalline glaze on a flat tile or the inside of shallow bowl and then layer it with a regular clear glaze, the crystalline glaze will be messed up by the ingredients in the clear glaze. Perhaps I could lay down a patch of crystalline, then mask it before dipping in the clear glaze, so only the edges would merge – could get messy. Obviously it all become more complicated on a vertical surface where the glazed would flow, which I will have to tackle if the tiles worked out. Very grateful for any advice / words of wisdom... PS. I have a Michael Bailey recipe which at the moment is the one I'm thinking to try working with... Frit 3110 75% weight Zinc Oxide 25% weight Suggests various oxides for colour such as... Copper Carb 2 and Tin Ox 5
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