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  1. I'm in the process of setting up a studio in the garage of my home.  The garage is attached to the house, but there is no direct access from the garage to the inside of the house.  Access is by a side door of the garage, then just into the front door of the house.


    My main issue is that my garage is not heated.  I would like to place a kiln in the garage, but am concerned about the freezing temperatues here in Toronto affecting the firings.


    Any suggestions?


    Also, what about venting?  Since there is no direct access into the house should I bother with venting?  The garage has 2 normal sized windows I could open for ventilation. 


    The floor of the garage is painted cement, but i believe I would still need to place the kiln on some sort of fire-proof surface as well?


    I'm also concerned about heat rising up into the top of the garage.  The garage is bricked, but inside the garage it is framed out in wood, but is uninsulated. 


    I want to be sure i'm being as safe as possible, since the garage is attached to our house afterall.


    Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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