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  1. Leave the pieces together so that they dry evenly, as you mentioned. No need for additional air holes.

    If the lid is very tight and/or the handle may be fragile place a strip of paper across the opening before placing the lid in its seat so that if it's difficult to remove (doubtful) you can lift it out with the paper strip.

    Dry it slowly so that the joints won't open. A damp box is ideal, or place a bucket upside down over it. Simply a precaution.

    Good luck.

  2. Nice plate. If not for the representational carving I'd suggest a band of gold or red, something obvious.

    I've done that on a raku bowl with gold and it looked very good.

    Paul Soldner said, "If you make a mistake, make more of it."

    I've found that if it's not a simple repair it's faster and easier to make another.

    If I were trying to keep the pieces together I'd have something heavy on each side pressing inward, some kind of vise arrangement.


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