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  1. Thanks for the insight. A lot of good things are to be said about WordPress, but I dug in and recently created a website for my sister's business TEW Bits & Pieces in the panhandle of Texas and a small one for myself just to get some of my art exposed using some other 'friendly' website hosting services. But I think one of the most useful things I've found is the ability to link to forums like this one. Exposure, exposure, exposure.


    When I owned my own retail hobby ceramics store in the mid 1990's, I found that if I didn't have something someone was looking for and knew of another location that did, even though I might send potential business to another shop, I still retained my customer. The same is true here. Although a one-stop-shop can be good for the hobbyist, for those looking for a specific item, the connectivity provided through the internet takes some of the frustration out of finding what we are looking for. Good, integrated information will always produce a satisfied customer and keep the interest in this art blanketed with high integrity.


    Thanks again for the insight.


    Ronda Stevens

    Ceramic Artist

    Texas Mud Slingers

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