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  1. Thanks for the insight. A lot of good things are to be said about WordPress, but I dug in and recently created a website for my sister's business TEW Bits & Pieces in the panhandle of Texas and a small one for myself just to get some of my art exposed using some other 'friendly' website hosting services. But I think one of the most useful things I've found is the ability to link to forums like this one. Exposure, exposure, exposure.


    When I owned my own retail hobby ceramics store in the mid 1990's, I found that if I didn't have something someone was looking for and knew of another location that did, even though I might send potential business to another shop, I still retained my customer. The same is true here. Although a one-stop-shop can be good for the hobbyist, for those looking for a specific item, the connectivity provided through the internet takes some of the frustration out of finding what we are looking for. Good, integrated information will always produce a satisfied customer and keep the interest in this art blanketed with high integrity.


    Thanks again for the insight.


    Ronda Stevens

    Ceramic Artist

    Texas Mud Slingers

  2. Thanks for your posts! I finally found an outlet close to the breaker box in the garage and seem to be able to get the 03-04 temps I'm wanting (6-8 hours). My brother-in-law reminded me about getting as close to the breaker box as possible. Also, made sure the breaker was at least 30amp - even though it's a 110 kiln. Seems to be working great for me now! Thanks again to all!


    Texas Mud Slingers

  3. I had a similar problem when I moved down to south Texas from Montana and brought my little Crucible test kiln 12" x 9" interior uses 110. Have you changed location?

    I have found that where I now live along the border in South Texas, they seem to use lighter weight electrical wire. I was having a hard time when the kiln was plugged into a regular outlet. I had new wiring put in to my kiln shed, and specified the amps needed to fire this. He understood and (I thnki) he beefed up the gauge of the wire to accommodate my kiln.

    It works fine now. I did burn up a control switch before this problem got fixed. Maybe talk to an electrician or check the wiring to your kiln.




    Thanks Marcia. Yeah, we moved back in July and this is an older home than where I lived before. Unfortunately, I don't think rewiring is an option. Doing a test fire with some overglaze right now and all the lights are fading in and out, so going to try an outlet in the kitchen later. Thanks again.

  4. Hello. While I have been a long-time Ceramic Arts Daily fan, only today have I joined the Community. And, unfortunately, it was spawned by a need for help. In my 30 years experience in ceramics, I have worked on kilns and had a good grasp of their operation. But as luck would have it, after being stagnant for the past 6 years, my memory needs some assistance. I have recently started firing my little Paragon Home Artist kiln and twice now it has under fired. It will run for some 8-9 hours (trying to achieve cone 04), and the max temp I'm seeing is 1790-1810 F. I'm guessing it has something to do with the electrical supply from the house I'm in, but it runs on 110. Can anyone out there suggest some solutions? Really wanting to get my hands dirty again, but don't feel like I can move forward if my kiln isn't cooperating. Thanks.

    RK Stevens

    Texas Mud Slingers

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