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  1. I wrote the article cited above (Teaching Pottery To Adults) for Pottery Making Illustrated and am happy to see that so many responded with their own experiences, and observations on being a student or instructor. Unfortunately, DUH, though I was aware there would be a discussion offered on the website and forum, I only checked once during the beginning and then completely forgot until today. I really enjoyed the many posts. I especially relished observations of students and their many and varied responses. It is so clear from their posts (and sorry I am patting myself on the back right now) that my point in the article is confirmed. Teachers have to have strong skills but equally important is the ability and willingness to learn from the students. They are the experts on their their particular inclinations, and the unique experiences that shape their pottery progress. I can see from the many posts that there is a lot of that happening in many of the situations described in the many posts. As many of you know (and this is also cited in the posts) there is no one prescription for all situations. Good techniques in one situation won't work at all in another or when used by another person.

    For this reason, I like to ask questions than to give answers.

    Thanks for all your responses. Great stuff.

    Claire O'Connor

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