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  1. This website is really helpful! Thanks a lot! I guess I'll choose some to participate in 2013.
  2. Clay Times, Ceramics Art and Perception, Technical, Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, they all except publication materials and have pretty good details on how to submit. Yes, thanks
  3. Hmm, I checked those magazines you recommended, they are all awesome, thanks! My current paper subject is about famille rose in China, about it's history especially the Jingdezhen part, and how to make it in the studio. But my paper was written in Chinese, I need sometime to translate it into English then submit. Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone, I want to publish some of my papers in international ceramic magazines but I don't know how and which magazines/papers/websites. Can anyone recommend some? And how to proceed? That will be a great help. Thanks!
  5. In China, schools open classes for ceramic major, we have throwing lesson, mold making lesson, painting lesson, ceramic history lesson, 3d max lesson, photoshop lesson etc.. And other techniques that they didn't teach us depends our self-study and practising. From my point of view, you can divide class in several parts: throwing part, carving, painting, glazing, firing..etc. But including demonstrating part, after each part, you leave some time for they to practise and create, and after the whole process is done, you let them to put their works in the kiln and learning firing at the same time.
  6. Hello all, I'm not studying traditional and contemporary ceramics as my MFA major in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. After almost two years study plus staying in Jingdezhen for almost 8 years, I can make some ceramics and decoration porcelain. Right now I want to ask: does any one know some good international ceramic competition? I really want to participate to prove myself. Thanks very much
  7. I know you need a stoneware body that is very high in iron. I think that traditionally it only comes from a certain place in China. Not sure if the same kind of clay is available. T Yes, the place is in Yixin City, Jiangsu Province, China. http://www.baike.com/wiki/%E7%B4%AB%E7%A0%82%E6%B3%A5 here is the link about zisha clay, but its written in Chinese. I think the stoneware body has very high in iron too. The clay contains rich iron clay, quartz, mica and also contains Fe.
  8. this is an antique carved lotus pattern with celadon from Song Dynasty.
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