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    Titanium would likely burn at cone 6.  It's very reactive and when it burns it's bad news.  Metal fires are scary and would probably mess up your kiln pretty badly.
    I don't want to discourage you from the way you want to do things, but it would be really easy to make the kinds of tools you want from stainless with a hacksaw and files and make the handles separately.
    Edit: MSDS for Titanium:  autoignition is 1200C for solid metal, under heading four.
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    At cone 6, the metal I found out to be still stable and not melt is Molybdenum.
    I was looking for metal to make some stilts with that wont melt at cone 6. 
    Found that Molybbenum is the one to use which has a melting point of 4753 degrees F.
    I am not an expert in these things. Just sharing the info I found during my research. I have not tried the Molybdenum rods yet. I am going to in spring!
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