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  1. Hi!


    This is my very first post on this forum! I am a total beginner in the ceramics world. I've done some hand building classes and I am completing my first wheel class now. I am completely fascinated by the world of ceramics and I still have a lot to learn! :)


    For my final class project, I decided to go out and buy my own clay. I bought a Raku clay with grit (recommended by the salesman). I also bought a 5/6 commercial glaze (True Celedon). Apparently we only do low firings at my school, which I was unaware of until after I made my purchases. My professor said the clay could be bisqued at low fire, but what happens when I do my glazing? Will the clay have to be high fired? Can I use low fire glaze on this type of clay? Can I combine low fire and high fire glazes in stages?


    Thanks so much! :)

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