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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Amy Eberhardt in Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?   
    I look at garage/yard/estate sales and thrift shops with a whole new eye these days. I love coming up with an inexpensive solution to the latest high priced gadgets that I see offered by the various artist/ceramist supply houses.
    Mr. Lin once posted a video on how to make his trimming tools from old spent hacksaw blades. That's one of my favorites. Easy to make and even easier to keep sharpened. And if I have a need for a specific profile of blade, it's just a quick trip outside to the grinder to make it so.
    I find that kitchen gadgets make some of the best pottery tools. They're readily available and often very cheap. One of my favorites is an old paring knife that I've repurposed as a fettling knife. It has just the right amount of flex to it and fits my hand perfectly. At just 50 cents at a yard sale, it's a great bargain!
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to PRankin in Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?   
    I've made a few looped carving tools using bent paper clips and wooden dowels and a little hot glue.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to JohnnyK in Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?   
    I have made a neat and inexpensive banding wheel from an old ceiling fan and a piece of 3/4" plywood. The bearings on the fan are pretty heavy duty and very smooth operating for almost anything you might want to put on it. If you don't have the fan lying around, you can usually pick one up at a thrift store for $5 or less. Then it's a relatively simple operation to disassemble it, cut off a few misc. pieces with a hacksaw, and reassemble it in a slightly different configuration, cut a round turntable from the 3/4" plywood, drill the plywood and mount it on the fan blade flange. Then you take the upper part of the fan housing, turn it upside down and screw it back on to the fan using the same mounting holes and screws you removed the housing part from. This provides a very stable base. Total cost for the banding wheel could be under $10.
    I'll be making a short video of the fabrication for a future post if there's interest.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Denice in Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?   
    I buy odd stuff at estate sales and using them as tools, I recently bought a wooden tool that is used with a sausage grinder, great for paddling.  The people who run the estate sales around here tell me I always but the most interesting items.   Denice
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Pres in Well Met At Nceca   
    I hadn't even thought about that not being part of my duties there. However, I really even forgot that I did help. Poor Tom, got dragged in, but he helped too!
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Marcia Selsor in Well Met At Nceca   
    It happens every NCECAI. It is the best recharge I can think of next to a residency.
    See you in KC and talk to you sooner during our board meetings. Thanks again for helping pack up the show.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Marcia Selsor in Well Met At Nceca   
    It was great to meet Tom and Pres. at NCeca. I am afraid I was the one who was surprised by Pres 's original entry. I thought he was Don, a former board member but who shaved his beard and head! It wasn't til he put the hat on that I knew who he was. Very nice to meet you both..
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Pres in Well Met At Nceca   
    Thanks Mark, what you see what you get sort of guy. I really had a great time meeting the folks I met there.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Pres in Well Met At Nceca   
    By now, many of you have read the thread where I walked into the meeting with my hat off, and no one knew me. So I thought I would post a picture of me with my hat off here. It will be obvious why I wear a hat outside, as there is nothing worse than rain running off of a bald head down your neck. Other side of coin is the blazing sun that can leave blisters the size of quarters especially when demonstrating outside all day. So here is a pic taken with some great personalities that I met, Tom Roberts and John Baymore.

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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Evelyne Schoenmann in Are You Sometimes Childlike In Your Behavior?   
    Hi Paul, thank you for stopping by. Oh yes, I can imagine that there is lots of "finding the inner child" around children. And what if somebody would videotape your goofiness? Would that be so bad? Imagine what a hoot looking at the videos when we are a hundred years old and really too fragile to roll on floors anymore....
    I just saw that this thread had 103 views yet, but "only" 9 reply. Why are the viewers not staying and telling a story? Listen, if you have an idea you want me to put in the "Question of the week" thread, just p.m. me, ok?! It would be so great when more of the members get involved and communicate with each other.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Evelyne Schoenmann in Are You Sometimes Childlike In Your Behavior?   
    Thanks for your responses so far!
    Amy: I love your story. Especially the part where the shopseller told you to touch the pitcher. That is exceptionell. Do you happen to have a picture of such a pitcher? I'am glad to have found another "serial toucher" in you.
    Tom: I know the feeling when a music piece is getting into your bones and you just have to dance away. And I can just imagine you doing this. Keep dancing! Thank you, and bciske, for the youtube link! That's some sound!
    Mark: big grin here! Love your answer!
    Hey bciske, High Bridge, oldlady, Babs and others, do you have an "inner child" story for us too? Don't be shy!
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Mark C. in Are You Sometimes Childlike In Your Behavior?   
    I have never grown up so I cannot grasp the question?
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to bciskepottery in Are You Sometimes Childlike In Your Behavior?   
    Dance, Tom, Dance . . .
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to TJR in Are You Sometimes Childlike In Your Behavior?   
    I Sunday mornings I listen to the "Sunday Morning Resurrection with Howard Manshine, on 92 City FM.
    They played Urgent by Foreigner. There is a great sax solo in there. Had to stop pulling handles and dance around the entire studio. Great song.
    I tried to put a link from youtube, but don't know how.
    If some kind soul could put it up here, we could all be dancing.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to LeeU in Potters Council Question of the Week Summary: Links to all past questions   
    Just discovered this...WOW...cool/fun  -and a lot of work, sir, so thanks for doing this.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Vladimir in Do You Touch Things In Museums?   
    Dear All,
    I guess it boils down to : why museums are made only for the eyes ; why museums are NOT made for kids (like the luky Evelyne) ?
    Paintings are addressed to eyes but most of other opere exposed are CALLING for the other senses to be interacting. For ceramics and scupltures or any other tridimensional objects, touching is the close next after seeing...
    So much for the kids that we try to remain (Evelyne is obviously talented) ?
    Well, the guards of the museums (and those of this world) will explain you that if everybody does it... and what about if you let if fall on the floor, ... and if thousands of people touch it, it will prematurely wear,...
    You know all this reasonable reasons adults tell to the kids...
    So what ?
    Well the museums exist more to keep things eternal and kids know nothing is eternal so museums are not for kids.
    This is really a pity annd make the job of remaining a kid or retrieving such a state of mind quite difficult.
    Pardon this rather heavy philosophy, Evelyne and my English too as I'm writing from the other side of the world (where people walk on their heads, you know? ;-)
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to ChenowethArts in Do You Touch Things In Museums?   
    I appreciate the sentiment...touching is so very tempting. However, the museum (and the security staff) are charged with the protection of the assets on display.  A well-meaning touch that ends up as a pile of shards would not make any museum (or visitor) very happy....and both, perhaps, poorer.  That security guard could not possibly look at you and know that your experience of touching is a sign of respect or empathy with the maker versus some idiot who had as much respect for the piece as he/she might have for a cheap plastic bowl.  I have actually asked about touching in a museum settings before...and to-date, I have never heard a yes.
    Maybe with a piece of cake in my other hand, a security guard could be persuaded (probably not).
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Pres in Do You Touch Things In Museums?   
    Oh my. I don't touch things in museums as I was taught by my parents that way. I was taught that museums were like public homes, you did not go into a home to pick things up and handle them, why a museum? When I first walked in to Dwight Holland's house the first time and he announced that all of the pots were to be touched and caressed to enjoy-I was unable to bring myself to do it until much later in the night. Then I started going to everything touching, carefully lifting and really getting a sense of what the piece was all about. What a liberating experience!
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Chris Campbell in Do You Touch Things In Museums?   
    Once I was in the Museum of Modern Art with a friend and as we stood in front of the 'Starry Night' canvas she says ... "I'm going to touch it." ... and I say NO, but she does. Now this painting has its own full time guard and he charges over and gives her a talking to. She apologizes and walks back toward me with a sly grin .., " I touched it." she says.
    Not that I'm advocating touching stuff in museums ... I am the kind who has to keep both hands clasped behind my back in order not to touch everything I want to.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Evelyne Schoenmann in Do You Touch Things In Museums?   
    Hi my friends here on the forum. I took over the "Question of the week"-thread from Marcia at our last board meeting. I have a lot of questions for you, but I had such a typical (for me) encounter today, that my first question must be:
    Are you touching things in museums?
    I have been at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston today. In the Korean Ceramics department I saw such a beautiful bowl standing on a pedestal, white, porcelaine, grainy surface..NOT behind glass. You know what comes next: spell bound, I caressed the inside of the bowl with the tip of my fingers and then - wuiwuiwui - the alarm went off and a security guard came running in and asked me why I touched the bowl. My answer, as always, was: I couldn't help it!
    How about you?
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Pres in 2015 Potters Council Election Results   
    I am particularly glad of the times you have encouraged me to run and been so patient when I would get my paper work in to you later than you or I had wished. Yes third time was a charm John. At the same time, I will put folks at ease by telling-you have been drafted to work on committees, and you will continue to work on the forum. Your expertise, and educated clearly written guidance are needed here from day to day.
    Thanks for it all.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to ChenowethArts in 2015 Potters Council Election Results   
    Many thanks to John (@JBaymore) for his leadership in Potters Council and his dedication toward this forum.  Anyone who is new to the CAC Forum should read the comments on this post: What do you get out of this forum interaction? to understand the value of the discussion here...and understand that doesn't happen without the quality of leadership that John (and others) exhibit. Kudos!

    To @Pres and Evelyn @Evelyne Schoenmann, congratulations on winning the advisory board seats. I threw my hat into the ring for Advisory Board this year for the first time and in doing so, learned more of things the Potters Council does. Obviously, I did not win, but I feel great about the choices that the membership made.  Preston and Evelyn are approachable, engaged, and professional in their discussion...I look forward to their leadership and support them both wholeheartedly!

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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Steven Branfman in 2015 Potters Council Election Results   
    John,,,,you've been a driving force, steering the Potters Council forward on a positive path. Your mentorship in guiding me through my term as Chair-Elect and Chair has been invaluable to me and I could not have achieved my goals without us being side by side. Thank you for all you've done and all you'll continue to do as a Potters Council committee member.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to Chris Campbell in 2015 Potters Council Election Results   
    it has been a long haul for you John ... THANKS for your years of service to Potters Council.
    Sorry I was not there to raise a toast ... See you in Kansas City.
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    Carolyn Dorr reacted to kswan in What Do You Get Out Of This Forum Interaction?   
    I will echo what many others of you have already stated, that this forum seems to be a comfortable place for potters of all experience levels to share their knowledge and questions and ideas.  I've been reading this for a while to get information especially about things you can't find so easily in books.  You can find a teacher in any corner of the world, since everyone has some small piece to share with others.  I also enjoy reading the personal aspect you all add to the discussions.  
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