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    voceramics got a reaction from JeanB in what is the best studio advice you have received?   
    My husband told me in regards to the first thing I ever made, "Do you want to take a hammer to that, or do you want me to?"
    It makes me smile just thinking about it. I have to admit smashing that teapot was very satisfying.
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    voceramics reacted to Cass in To School or not to School? How has your choice affected your life in clay?   
    "Falling in love with clay, that in itself has been one of my favorite blessings and breaking or throwing away icky pots not so easy, they found new life in my flower beds."

    this is just one of the glaring run-on sentences in your post Duckie...you actually have three sentences there, with three different tenses, subjects, and predicates....just an observation

    expediency is my forum posting method, obviously i am easy to understand, even if you can't make it to the last sentence of my post
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