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    20 years ago I finished elementary school and needed to decide what to do next, and what will I be "when I grow up". My grandfather was a carpenter and a mason, and type of a pearson who knows to do miracles with his hands. My father is that kind of pearson too, he was welder for 40 years, but also worked as a mason, made amazing things with wood, and he also used to paint. So I had it all in my blood.
    I decided to go to School for applied art and design. My mother rolled her eyes, and was very much agains it, saying : you can not live from that. My father was very happy, but he was always supportive for me and my brothers, what ever we wanted to do in life. When I began education my first idea was to become a photgrapfer, and aftre that to go to Film Academy to study camera.
    On first year in school I touched clay for first time, saw students working on wheels, handuilding etc...and after few months I said: this is it! This is done by hands, I get to create, express my ideas and I work with raw material with my hands. That is how it started. I forgot about photography and camera and spent 4 years learning and playing with clay.
    When I work in studio I am like a child, playing, it makes me happy, when I open kiln after it has cooled down, I feel like a child opening christmas presents....so actually I never did grow up
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    That is a good idea. A place to go to get constructive criticism-where you post knowing that your work will probably get torn apart and put back together again. Then you have the place where you post safely.
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