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Looking For Transferware / Decal Expertise

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I am currently researching traditional english and american transferware in an effort to produce an edition of this traditional type of decorative plate. My project is about mixing contemporary themes concerning environment and gentrification, with traditional form. I am an art school graduate, but not a ceramist, and will be producing the artwork and possibly the plates as well.  


I am wondering if anyone can share any information on wether contemporary dinnerware manufacturers, and artists, all use decals or litho type methods, or if anyone has revived the engraving/paper transfer method.


Thanks much for any feedback!

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Norm- thanks for you quick reply. I ran out to buy some new Spode plates at Macy's to begin examining the visual qualities of the prints. Their new blue and white is a bit washed out looking as the darks are not very dark.  I'm assuming this is the result of decal use for a low price point. Other patterns/colors look a bit richer. I'll have to get some old transfer ware made with the original method and compare.


I wonder if you happen to know who is currently producing with engraving based transfer? 


Thanks again.

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