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Guest JBaymore



Like most everything in life....... you have to weigh the benefits that you might find "valuable" to the two of you.  Some people might not find it of value to them.... others find it of great value.  Good that you are asking and searching for the answers.


If you are a Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated subscriber......... and maybe buy a book or DVD a year.... just do the math on the discounts.


If you have a professional or home studio, look at the business insurance plan.  If you need health insurance... look at those possible plans (now tied into the ACA).  If you need to take credit cards.. ... look into that plan.  If you ship stuff.... look into that plan.


I am assuming that the email invitation you received had a link to the page that lists the various benefits ...... puruse that and see if the aspects mentioned there "float your boat".


One of the big intangible benefits of membership is being a "supporter of the field" in general.  A little "giving back" to the ceramics community. 


There are opportuinities to serve on the Advisory Board of Directors of the organization (election coming soon), to participate in exhibitions like the one coming up at NCECA, to submit to image publications like the annual calendars, and to write articles for the Potters Pages newsletter.  You get some online presence as well.  And a "connection" to other members via a directory... which includes a lot of the folks that you see in the major shows and exhibitions.  You can tie into the Mentoring Program for some coaching.


I'm speaking here as a Charter Member since the inception of the organization...... and as the current Immediate Past Chair (formerly known as the Immediate Past President).  I have always felt that this organization is well worth membership.  (Heck....... the membership dues is only skipping a few cups of coffee at places like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts ;).)






PS:  I'm going to leave this here in this section at least for the moment.......... it might be more appropriate in the Potters Council forum section.  But maybe not... since it is a valid question for ceramists working "In the Studio".

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