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Rex Johnson

Using Oxides On Clear Glaze.

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I should have posted this in glazes I guess...



Doing some experimentation.


I'm using some Laguna Clay WC-520 #16 Transparent wc520-s.jpg (all-purpose clear gloss glaze which fires from Cone 5 to 10.)

as a base over several ^5 bodies including Santa Fe, RSMC,WC-401 B-Mix, and ^10 Soldate.


I've done one firing and found some inconsistency with the oxides vitrifying with the clear, mostly due to imconsistent mixers and brushing and colder spots in the kiln.


I'm doing some upgrades to the to my gas kiln now (bagwall, insulation, etc).


I want to just use red iron oxide, cobalt oxide, and rutile and fire at least to ^5 with a reduction to get everything matured.


What's the water to oxide recipe? What consistency am I looking for for brushing?


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Any input on this?


I'm wondering if using the oxides under the glaze might be a better idea than on top of the clear glaze.

Not trying to especially get a clear pattern, more just looking for a blending of color.

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