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Mark McCombs

Viscosity Recommendations

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New glazes I picked up:


Stellar Rust (I have used before)

Stormy Night




These are glazes from Clay Art Centre in Tacoma, WA.


If anyone has experience with these and knows a (M50 cup) viscosity number start with please let me know.


The manufacturer will only tell me "medium cream" and "thin cream"



Thanks. B)

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Another glaze I mixed up today was some old MS34 Burnt Sienna. (2 kg dry)

I'm guessing that this is a Luguna product.


I mixed up the powdered glaze with a high speed blender for 5 minutes and transferred to another bucket through a sieve.


The amount of solids in the sieve was startling.

There was enough material in the sieve (maybe 500 - 600 grams) that I figure that it should be either in solution or a much finer particle in suspension.


Has anyone seen this occur with old glazes or this burnt sienna?


I put all of it back into the bucket and mixed another 5 minutes.

I will allow it to hydrate overnight and give it another mix in the morning.



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