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Advice for restoring an old Lockerbie kick wheel

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I recently bought an old Lockerbie kick wheel that dates back to the 1970s. I am in the process of taking it all apart, cleaning, repainting, etc. I would appreciate any advice from those of you who have restored or maintain an old Lockerbie kick wheel. I am especially interested in proper care of the bottom and top bearings. Thanks!

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If the bearings are original, you may consider replacing them and giving them fresh lubricant. Over time, they build up metal particles from erosion that cause further erosion. This can be minimized with regular lubrication, which forces at least some of the particles out. Use a quality grease on the upper bearings. Don't worry if you force some out when you pump in the new, it just means you've done a good job. The lower bearings don't have a grease fitting in most cases, so general lubricating oil can be used here. If you're going to use the wheel a good bit, quarterly or even monthly lubrication will help to keep it feeling smooth and new.


Make sure you adjust your bearings to place minimal stress on the shaft between the kick wheel and the wheel head. New bearing assemblies usually fit snugly enough that you just have to make sure you're not tweaking the assembly when you tighten down the bolts. This will prolong the life of not only the bearings, but the shaft as well.


I found a quick how to article with images that should help here: http://www.lockerbiekickwheels.com/support/kickwheel-care-instructions.php

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