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Do you export functional ceramics to European Union countries?

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Webinar: Mandatory legislation in the European Union covering products that come into contact with Food

Venue: Your computer

Date/Time: September 24, 2012/11:00 AM -1:30 PM ET

Learn more/register: http://export.gov/eu...vents/index.asp or https://emenuapps.it...?SmartCode=2QA9


Do you manufacture and sell goods that are intended to come into contact with food? The European Union adopted a framework Regulation in order to harmonize national requirements throughout the EU, which also calls for a series of separate implementing measures to address specific materials such as ceramics and plastics. What is not covered by EU legislation may be covered at Member State level subject to compliance with the Treaty. Conformity assessment is about good manufacturing practice, choice of material, testing of migration and issuance of a declaration of compliance. This legislation impacts a broad range of products and equipment such as raw materials, food processing machinery, containers including bulk containers such as drums or bottles, cutlery and packaging, among others. Learn from the government and private industry experts on how to meet the requirements so that you can sell your products in the European markets. This Webinar will be presented by the U.S. Commercial Service U.S. Mission to the EU in collaboration with partners and scientists from the Keller and Heckman Law Firm. The cost to participate is $75. For more information, telephone: 317-582-2300.

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