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Cracked Tiles

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NAS    0

I am doing a series of bas relief tiles, 12" x 12" that vary in thickness from a 1/4" to 3/4". I use a slab roller to create 3/4" thick cone 6 stoneware slabs, which I cut into 12" squares. I then model the surfaces to create my imagery. I bisque fire in a Skut electric kiln, to cone 2. All of the tile in my last firing came out severly cracked. Any solutions or suggestions?

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Chris Campbell    1,086

If you go into the Clay/Glaze area of the forum you will see a current discussion of cracks in wall tiles and some of the info might help you.


Slab rollers severely strain the clay in many ways.

The pull is of course only one way. The top of the slab stretches more than the bottom.

To even things out, loosen the slab from the canvas, flip it over and roll again. Loosen from fabric.

Then roll a rolling pin across the slab at a right angle.

Loosen from the fabric and let it rest a few minutes before using.


I am a firm believer in giving clay time to relax after you push it's limits.

You will notice your slabs will shrink some as they rest and I think it is better to get this out of the way while it is still just a slab rather

than have this motion be a factor with the finished piece.

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