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Slip casting mixing with stain

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Hi all :)

I have a problem about mixing the slip with stain. Please give me suggestions. I usually use the mixer to blend the dry porcelain clay with water, after I add the some stain with sieves into the slip. No matter how long I stir, there is a very light white colour on the top, like a fog when fired.  Now I use a spoon to take it out, but not really help much, cause it will appear more n more every time. Is it normal? any suggestion for me?

And by the way, where can I buy the tools for measuring the thickness for slip online?

Many thanks!


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Hi Kaley, and welcome to the forum.

several questions to help narrow down the list of "possibles" 

1. Are you using a premix: if so name please?

2. Are you mixing your own recipe, if so what body flux are you using?

3. Pics of this film perhaps?

4. Whose stain are you using: and color #?

5. Have you mixed this slip before without stain? If so, did you notice a film?



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