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Underfiring Porcelain - Bisque Stage

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I think I may have underfired my bisque Kiln. I'm using a new to me computerized kiln that was pre-set to bisque 07 probably by a previous user. My porcelain is a cone 6 kind.


Is it possible to get the clay to maturity still by glazing it and then firing it to the right cone? Or do I have to re-fire my bisque?

Will this affect the glaze?

Please advise, thanks

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Yes, you are OK.

Bisque firings can range anywhere from Cone 012 through to Cone 04 depending on how open and soft you

want your bisqued piece to be. You can glaze and fire now to Cone 6.


The problems occur when they accidentally do it the other way around ... fire it too high when they meant to keep it low.


You might enjoy the book Mastering the Art of Cone 6 glazes. It has a ton of good info on glazing and firing practices.


Good luck


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