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Lithium In Glazes?

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I am looking to try some new glazes that I have found around CAD and elsewhere that all have Lithium in them.


What are the thoughts of others with the uses of Lithium in functional wares and is there a substitute for this ingredient?



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Are you talking about potential hazards to the potter or the end user?


If the glass's molecular formula looks reasonably within limits there should be no issue for the end user.


If in doubt for functional wares, run a standard lab leaching test. Compare lechate release with the drinking water standards....which will therefore be a VERY conservative viewpoint. It'll cost you about $40, one small cup, plus the shipping.





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Thanks for the info.


I am particularly concerned for the end user.


I take precautions during glazing and mixing glazes so the the concern on my health is less.


If I were to use a safe liner glaze and use the lithium containing glaze only on the outside of a piece would the potential risks be avoided?






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