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  1. I want to do some inclusions of wire and screws from Burning Man. Need to know what things are likely to make it through the fire without cracking the clay. Have no idea where I need to go with this so am hoping for lots of input.
  2. I am trying to apply black wax on lines but can't get a thin enough line to make me happy. I've tried a number of brushes but am not getting as fine as I want and am looking for any and all suggestions on applying very thin lines.
  3. Does Temperature Of Clay Matter When Throwing?

    I've seen some previously frozen clay that had fractured. If I wedge it does it go back to normal?
  4. Run Away Electrical Kiln

    I have a similar problem with miy old kiln. It sticks on and the cone in the shut off switch melts but doesn't bend locking in the on position for hours until I turn it off. It's ruined a couple of lowfire glaze projects by melting the glazes.Any insight as to how to get the cones to work correctly all the time?

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