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  1. Yes, it came with 2 different types of the original manuals, and I will be picking them up when we go get the kiln today. I'm looking forward to reading them cover to cover and we will be getting an electrician to help us out. So good to hear from experienced kiln users! And glad to know using the kiln wont cost much at all. THANK YOU ♡
  2. Hi! I am (hopefully) purchasing a used cress kiln fx23, 240, 25 amp, model 7912 today. Automatic not digital. It comes with it's own cord and the special plug needed to wire it. I would only be using this occasionally at first, then possibly once a month. Can anyone give me an idea how much electric it would cost to run through one whole cycle? And what size breaker would be best? I have 30amp breakers and new heavy duty 220 cord wire. And I have never used a kiln before...so if anyone can recommend a good YouTube channel for learning I would love that! Thanks!
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