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  1. Kathie

    Wobble pots

    Thank you so much for all the replies and advice. I shall just keep practising.
  2. Kathie

    Wobble pots

    Hi Johnny. I think the wheel is a Wenger. It has a bat with a small wedge cut out of one side rather than holes where you put pins. I have never seen them advertised and I think it is quite an old system. I can't remember what the style of bats is called.
  3. Kathie

    Wobble pots

    Thank you for your response. I am hoping it is my equipment and not me doing it wrong. I have ordered a couple of bats for my wheel, but they have to be handmade so I may just have to be patient. I will try to throw on someone else's wheel to see if I have more success. If I do, I will know that it is the equipment. If I continue to have the same problem then I will know that it is me doing it wrong!
  4. I am new on here and I am struggling with throwing pots. I know that centring is important, but I am wondering if an uneven bat on my wheel might be a reason why I constantly end up with one side of my pot being higher than the other. I bought me wheel on eBay and it has a wooden bat which I cannot get to sit neatly in the wheel. Can anyone advise me please?

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