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  1. PotBeautiful

    Kilns - new or second hand?

    Sorry for the delay in responding, Benjinca, I got my kiln from Alistair Kettles near Kinross - he's the Potclays distributor for Scotland I think. It is a Fuego kiln which is imported from the US by Potclays (it's a model specifically made for UK electrics). Thanks to everyone for comments to me re siting of kiln, cones and not using extension leads - I am fully intending to learn about kilns and cones and everything, and I haven't even switched it on yet because safety is my primary concern... you gotta start somewhere though!
  2. PotBeautiful

    Kilns - new or second hand?

    Hi Benjinca I have been angsting over getting a smallish toploader kiln for over a year now. I've scoured gumtree and ebay but any plug-in kilns that come up tend to be hundreds of miles from me in the south of England and a lot need repaired etc. Being a relative newbie potter who has always relied on someone else to sort out the firing, I finally decided to quit procrastinating, bite the bullet and buy new. At least that way I will know the thing works and comes with instructions and a guarantee! And this very afternoon my shiny new kiln has arrived. It comes with a controller (so no messing about with those cones that i don't understand) and was delivered and installed for me. Not cheap at £1720, but no more than a lot of people I know spend on their annual holiday and it is supposedly quite economical to fire. A couple of hours in, I have already encountered my first problem - the power cable is not long enough to reach the socket.... no doubt the first of many hurdles I'll need to overcome! Good luck with whatever you decide. Keep us posted. Pot B.

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