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  1. Spray booth: help!

    I bought a fiberglass shower stall that was on closeout for $80 at Lowe's. We cut off the top to the height we needed and used the leftover piece for the "roof". We put it on a table. We cut a hole in the back and installed a fan with a tube into a muslin bag. In front of the fan we put another piece of extra fiberglass offset from the back by 2 inches so that when spraying the spray does not go directly into the fan. You can clean the booth with a hose or sponge and it all runs through the shower hole in the middle. we also cut a hole in the table and the leftover glaze and water runs into a bucket underneath. I've found you can actually let that dry and then dispose of the residue as a powder instead of a liquid. All this can be done with a jig saw and drill. You can see pictures and instructions of similar approaches, where they go even further and have a pump for the water to wash the booth, at: http://www.tomturner...com/page031.htm, and https://picasaweb.google.com/AviHarriman/SprayBooth#. Here is a picture of me spraying in the booth Good luck! ShaJa